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The structure of Vneorhyhalogy consists of 11 levels of development of a man, 30 principles, 58 tests for diagnostics of an organism.

·        The system of steps of Vneorhyhalogy is an external symbolic indication of development of moral, physiological, respiratory, mental, non-mental (e.g. a development of the prenatal memory, i.e. of stages of development of prenatal life of a foetus into a future human being) processes.

·        The set of principles of Vneorhyhalogy is developed to objectively and deliberately change parameters of state of a human organism, including laboratory-medical analyses and monitoring devices, for diagnostics as well as for correction. When the set of principles of Vneorhyhalogy is applied, stresses of an organism are removed and prevented, and during long practice the organism achieves a non-stressful state, which develops mental and creative abilities for preschool, primary and secondary education, it also forms adaptability of an adult.

·        Vneorhyhalogy express-tests are elaborated to objectively estimate psychic and physiological characteristics before, during and after trainings (theoretical and practical).


Rhythms of work of organs, rhythms producing deficit, excess or compensation of energies in organism can be revealed through the gustatory, colour, season-climatic experiences tests by the volume-spatial model of an organism.

Volume-spatial model of an organism includes eight basic energy centres. Each centre is principal in reacting of organism to colour, taste, smell, and responsible for functional, psychic and energy work of organs of corresponding volumes of body. Tests are used for diagnostics of energy state (qualities of the natural elements) of an organism and its organs, determining energy deficit or excess, compensative energies leading to energy balance and integral interaction of all subsystems of body.

Gustatory reactions are used for short-term correction to balanced work of organs in the round-the-clock regime. Long-term correction of way of life corresponding to annual climatic rhythms is made by season-climatic experiences. Through tests on gustatory reactions, for example, it can be determined what volumes of body are unbalanced by deficient energies and an organism can get correction to improved state, i.e. compensation of deficient energy. The time of testing is 15-20 minutes. The capacity depends on the room (less then 50 men, 50-100 men and more). The result of diagnostics is leading of an organism to balanced state by its layers (skin, muscles, tendons, gristles, bones, internal organs), fulfilling the task of harmonizing physical, psychic, energy bodies in this stage. The set of tests is designed for groups of people of various age with formed interest in the origin of man, sources of disharmony, as well as for those who is interested not only in theory but in practice too.


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