Vneorhyhalogy is the result of many years of practical work on the field of psychophysiology and biophysics of man under the direction of Vassiliy Panteleevich Shuplyak. The methods of harmonization have been perfected on an extensive number of trainees of ages from a foetus state to a retirement age, at the three structural levels: physical, biostructural, and fine field.


        Vneorhyhalogy is recommended to be applied in all spheres of professional and not professional activity by National Centre for Problems of Forming of Healthy Lifestyle (Almaty, 2006), Kazakh National Medical University (Almaty, 2004), Institute of Physical Culture and Army Medical Collage (Leningrad, 1987).

















        This system took part in the work of Fair of socially significant ideas and projects, organized by International institute of modern politics and Ministry of culture, information and sport (Almaty, 2006), the scientific-practical conference Health of Man is a Necessary Condition of Successful Development of Society (Almaty, 2000), the international conference Biophysics - XXI century (Almaty, 1999), the Congress of Spiritual Concord (Almaty, 1992).


















        The forces of near and deep space gravity-antigravity are investigated by Biophysics-Vneorhyhalogy. The forces of terrestrial gravity are natural elements earth and water. The forces of weightlessness are natural elements air, fire and sun.

        The development of practical methods of this system is carried out on the basis of ancient spiritual and healing practices of India, Tibet, China, America, Kazakhstan, Russia
















        Wide spreading of project Vneorhyhalogy will result in relief of religious tensions, as adherents of any religion, realizing principles of Vneorhyhalogy in their lives, come to understanding of essential union of all religions.


        The health of society and the planet entirely depends on the health of people, therefore mass inculcation of Vneorhyhalogy will lead to easing of aggressive resonance among people (in particular, it will result in decrease in number of calamities, and reduction of their destructiveness), strengthening of social stability, family uniting, development of positive qualities of society, improvement of ecology.


        Inculcation of project Vneorhyhalogy doesnt demand large costs as the instrument and the method of bringing of an organism to the balanced state is human organism itself with its functions, its internal laboratory (psychical, physical, receptor and energetic).

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