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Vneorhyhalogy is the result of many years of practical work in the realm of organinc and inorganic matter under the direction of Shuplyak Vassiliy Panteleevich.


Vneorhyhalogy – semantic interpretation: Vneorhyhalogy on rhythms and beyond  rhythms of the harmonic teaching.


The syllables and letters, composing the interpretation:

logy – teaching,

ha – harmony,

rhy – rhythm,

vne, o – beyond and on – the two prepositional prefixes
              in Russian.


Man is an ecosystem with bringing in, processing and bringing out functions. The work on human organism is carried at three structural levels: physical, biostructural, fine field, and harmonizes all processes taking place as in the organism as in the environment.
















Structure of Vneorhyhalogy


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Project Vneorhyhalogy

Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan



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